Getting random number between range of two numbers in JavaScript

we have random number function in JavaScript like rand() function of PHP where the programmer can
How to

How to handle a PHP project with a team?

I’m sure it’s one that many people face as they transition from freelancer back into a

How can you prevent SQL-injection in PHP

Use prepared statements and parameterized queries. These are SQL statements that are sent to and parsed

Brand – Blogger – a mutually profitable relationship

Brand РBlogger Рa mutually profitable relationship  We all know the importance of social media for
Life Style

My third anniversary

Dear, These past three years have been the most beautiful time of my life. Being with

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I came up here with a trick to boost firefox download speed upto 400% using free

Official windows 7 ISO file download

I have collected ISO download link for different versions of windows 7 operating system. We strongly

Modify checkout field [jigoshop]

Jigoshop, I am your fan. But, because of many limitations and woocommerce being better than you,